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The 26th Anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence

Date posted: August 28, 2017

It seems a bit fitting that the last Youth Engaging Youth event in Alberta would be a celebration of Ukraine’s Independence. We partnered with UCC Edmonton once again to make this event happen. The afternoon consisted of a concert that was full of a variety of performances. Chajka Concert Ensemble, an orchestra led by Ludvik Marianych, performed a multitude of pieces that were Ukrainian folk songs.

After this, Olesya Sinchuk, a modern Ukrainian singer from Ukraine, performed by singing, reciting poetry, playing the sopilka and the piano. Her husband accompanied her on some pieces. She had wonderful things to say about the hospitality of Ukrainian Canadians. Some stories even brought her to tears.

There were also other performances from Zorianka Ukrainian Dancers, Molfary band and even more from Olesya Sinchuk.

Laryssa Babych gave a keynote speech about the accomplishments and challenges after 26 years of independence in Ukraine. She is from Ukraine and witnessed the revolution, her husband lost his life to the cause. Now she works to help those still in Ukraine and criticizes the politics and corruption in Ukraine.

The national anthem of Ukraine was then sung by Olesya Sinchuk.

During the reception, Charlie who is of Japanese origin played on the bandura. He played both Ukrainian and Japanese songs. Charlie also plays the guitar and Ukrainian chimbaly.

There was also a bouncy castle for the kids to enjoy.

Hope to see you at the 27th anniversary celebration!

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a beautiful reminder for everyone in Edmonton about our #canada150 summer celebration #YEY150

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trudeau's home without trudeau

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Ottawa is beautiful look out for #YEY150 events happening for the #Canada150 celebration, put on by yours truly and the other lovely community animators

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