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Behind the Curtains of BandsMash

Date posted: August 7, 2017
Behind the Curtains of BandsMash

Note to self: Don’t let anyone change your mind about the date of when your event should be held, unless they have a valid reason. Why? Because you’ll end up organizing a multiple-band concert on one of the busiest weekends in Ontario.

That’s right, BandsMash took place on the same Saturday as Veld Music Festival, Osheaga Music and Arts festival, and Caribana Toronto. To top it off, it was a long weekend. And yet, we managed to pull it off. Good stuff. But never again.

I’ll start off with a very special and big thank you to Jasmine McShad. Jasmine is one of my closest friends with whom I share a similar passion for the music and entertainment industry. We are very different people, but are equally motivated and excited to take on the world head-first (I’ll let you decide if this is a good or dangerous trait). She was the stage manager for BandsMash and split planning responsibilities with me from the start. She listened to my rants of frustration, continued to push whenever I was on the edge of giving up, and continued to convince me that she was truly and honestly enjoying the rather overwhelming process (girl’s crazy, I know, I love it). Sounds corny, but hey… this project wouldn’t have happened without her and there’s no better time to get sentimental than after a big achievement.

So, about the event… The original idea of BandsMash was to bring two Ukrainian and three non-Ukrainian bands together from around Ontario and celebrate their music, their talent and good company. The planning process began at the beginning of summer and, as expected, it soon became clear that this event would be one of those that required the most help, time, energy… and money. It also became clear that not everyone was as on board with this idea as we had hoped. About less than a month before the big date, plenty of negotiating behind us, and dozens of emails/phone calls later, our hunt for artists concluded with zero Ukrainian performers and three non-Ukrainian (unless you count DJ Paul whose grandma is Ukrainian. Yes, we’ll count that!).

BandsMash took place on the night of August 5th at The Smiling Buddha bar. Tequila Nosedive from Mississauga, Ontario, the replacement band for Scarlett’s Hand who unfortunately had to cancel their participation due to their lead singer’s health problems, started off the night. Following was Adelaide, a new band from Burlington, Ontario. They proved to be heavily rooted in their desire to make every show an experience to remember. Their sound is a delicate blend of gritty rock guitars, creating a tasteful and intentional groove that is mixed with pop driven melody and lyrics. In the end, Liteyears, another four-piece band from Toronto, Ontario, closed off the night. Having been around for years, the band has created and delivered an honest representation of themselves and their musical tastes through their performance: high energy, anthemic alternative-pop music with depth.

An enormous thank you goes out to the Ukrainian Credit Union Limited for ensuring our performers were well fed before and during the night. To Rocco Bombardieri for his patience, incredibly developing talent, and time dedicated to making the BandsMash posters look absolutely amazing (and overall, for working with me throughout the summer. It’s been a pleasure). To DJ Paul Osinski for tying the performances and whole night together. To Scarlett’s Hand & Tequila Nosedive for working with us in the lead up to the event and for not leaving us high-and-dry on the day of the event. To Adelaide for bringing the crowd together and making us fall in love with music all over again. To Liteyears for putting so much into your performance, providing an amazing and memorable show. Working with these bands was one of the most enjoyable things about this project. Their kindness, understanding, determination and cooperation were highly appreciated. After all, Jasmine and I have never done anything like this on our own, so taking a risk on us as we took a risk on them could have turned out to be either a huge disaster or a success. Fortunately, we’d like to think it was a success.

In the end, Jasmine and I would like to express a big thank you to our friends and family for their continuing reminders of love and support. No words can express how incredibly lucky we are to have you all in our lives.

Onto the next!

~ Sofiya Yusypovych

Liteyears performing Rhythm In The Stars







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