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Draw Your Canada

Date posted: July 2, 2017
Draw Your Canada

This was definitely one of the most arts & craft-y events I’ve done and it definitely took the longest to prepare for (in terms of manual labour). In the end, it was interesting to see how each individual’s profession, age and family status influenced their answer to the question – What does Canada mean to you? We had young children draw their families, dogs, houses, backyards and we had older guests write out words like freedom, home, inclusivity… In the end, the puzzle boards turned out exactly how we had hoped they would – full of colour and bright ideas.

Draw Your Canada was a project shared with the magazine Rosymnyky (Smart Kids) and was part of the Toronto city’s Humber Bay Park West Canada Day celebrations. Although it rained for half of our event, we gave shelter to those in need under our tent and invited them to join in on our activity. In other words – rain or shine, we made do and made do really well.

Happy Canada Day and thank you for sharing!



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