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Canadian Youth Design Jam

Date posted: June 13, 2017

Event date: June 28, 2017

Canadian Youth Design Jam

NOTA BENE! Registration is needed for this event (see details below).
Lead & organized by YELL alumni, with support of Youth Engaging Youth Canada 150 project, the Canadian Youth Design Jam celebrates the first ever youth only event. For our youth, organized by our youth, this kick off event aims to bring 100 students together to build a community.

One of YELL’s five pillars is Canadian Roots, as such, the evening’s theme is applying an entrepreneurial mindset to Canadian problem solving. To honor this theme, the youth will be tasked with solving a local challenge related to social/economic justice in the downtown eastside.

The design challenge is a group activity focusing on teambuilding and communication.Groups of 5 youth are given a ‘design challenge’ of that provides a solution to a complex social issue. For example, we may task the teams to come up with solution for the fentanyl crisis. The challenges are meant to be difficult and complex, to encourage innovation under a set time frame. Solutions can be anything from tech solutions to social enterprises to co-operative business models.

Since the groups have limited resources and time, the activity is geared at fostering healthy communication and teamwork while inspiring creativity and problem solving skills. The solution can be presented as a 3-D model built out of the paper provided or it can be a visual representation or a business canvas verbally presented. Peers then vote for the design solution that best address the root problem with creativity and efficiency.

The winning team receives a valuable prize.

NOTA BENE! Registration is needed for this event. We have a few spots reserved for Ukrainian Youth. If you are interested, please, send your registration request to galyna@ucc.ca, stating “Design Jam” in the topic, and indicating your name, educational institution and program, email and phone number.
For more information visit: www.150.ucc.ca

#YEY150 #UCC



The Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad (YELL) was founded by three Canadian entrepreneurs passionate about a development program that could reach high school students across the country. The YELL concept rests on the collective efforts of school district administrators, teachers, parents and business and community leaders.

The program is a hands-on, experiential accelerator for high school students interested in gaining knowledge and leadership experience in all areas of business and entrepreneurship. In addition, YELL helps students interact with like-minded individuals across the school system, helps to build a community based framework to enhance collaborative engagement and provides a learning and development structure to foster innovation and advancement for future generations.

YELL is a registered Canadian charity led by a passionate team of volunteers. We work with school districts to develop customized learning programs that may be integrated into existing credited business courses.  Mentors from the business community are brought into classrooms to discuss their experiences and best practices in all aspects of business ranging from corporate finance to social entrepreneurship. A level of sophistication is added through the use of Desire2Learn LeaP platform (formerly Knowillage), which enables seamless and transparent use of any content, while using cutting edge adaptive learning methodologies, allowing for a full personalized learning and maximum student engagement and results.” (source)

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Ось і закінчилась моя робота на літо - робота над проектом Youth Engaging Youth до 150-річчя Канади. Дванадцять прекрасних заходів - чудових ініціатив різних communities в Британській Колумбії, які ми (Ukrainian Canadian Congress) підтримали завдяки уряду Канади і спромоглися організувати протягом такого короткого проміжку часу. Останній з цих заходів, "Miss Wheelchair Canada", пройшов вчора. Це був колосальний досвід нетворкінгу, роботи в команді, здобуття нових навичок (так я стала режисером, маркетологом, бухгалтером і логістом :) ) І я вдячна усім партнерам-організаторам, з якими ми разом пройшли цей шлях, перевиконавши план, а також чудовим волонтерам, завдяки яким було легше та веселіше, українській спільноті Ванкуверу, яка особливо влилася в процес, і всім-всім-всім, які тим чи іншим чином були поряд! Цей досвід був challenging, часто доводилося швидко діяти і вирішувати різні питання та проблеми. Але ми справилися! ВСІ ми. Я пишаюся, що стала частиною тієї самої, відомої на увесь світ, української діаспори, ставши членом прекрасної команди UCC. І це завершення, але ще й новий початок. А який - розкажу згодом. А поки, завітайте на наш вебсайт, подивитися, яка колосальна робота була пророблена по п'ятьох провінціях та підписуйтеся на новини: www.150.ucc.ca #YEY150 #Canada150

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

Can't believe that our 9th #YEY150 here to start!

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

#YEY150 talent show, diversity workshop and crafts event in Kolomayka camp in Aldergrove.

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

Reality Mix Up event. #YEY150 #UCC

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

Perfect venue for our Mix Up Reality event confirmed! Come on July 30 @ 1 pm. #YEY150 #Canada150 #UCC

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

Preparing for #BreakTheStigma event with Rainer on August 8th. It is free and if you're under 30 and interested in arts and human rights, please come at 6 pm ;) #YEY150 #Canada150 #UCC

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

That's our sixth #YEY150 event in BC! Young entrepreneurs celebrate #Canada150 with #UCC.

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

Today I had a fabulous meeting with James and Sean, filmmakers from Hammer & Tong. We agreed on hosting amazing #YEY150 event devoted to interaction of reality and virtual reality. A lot of creative ideas were produced during discussion of the agenda. Coming up at the end of July, don't miss a chance to look into the future ;)

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

#YEY150 second event in BC 5 minutes before start. It's Kings of the Lake Hockey Tournament. #UCC #Canada150

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

Youth playing table soccer before our first #YEY150 event, community clean-up. Very small, but very impactful step for the environment. Yey, we've started to celebrate #Canada150 here in BC!

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

Even my Latvian hubby wears vyshyvanka today! :D Happy Vyshyvanka Day! #iwearvyshyvanka #Canada150

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

Stepping into a world of endless opportunity #yey150

Публикация от Orycia (@oryciakarpa)

The capital city is preparing for Canada 150 celebration. As do BC with #yey150

Публикация от Galyna UCC (@galyna_ucc)

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