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Fun Times at Canada Day Celebration

Date posted: July 3, 2017

This year Canada celebrated its 150th birthday. The day was sure to be an extravagant event filled with all the activities imaginable. Our Youth Engaging Youth project teamed up with South Pointe Community Centre to create a Canada Day Spectacular!

There were many, many bouncy castles for the kids to enjoy. As well as food trucks for everyone to expand their palette with.

There was some rain that evening, but everyone was able to witness a concert by Opera Nuova in the theatre. When the sun came out again, Opera Nuova was once again able to entertain outside for the crowds.

There was a crazy amount of people enjoying the Canada Day event and everyone was wearing their Canadian gear.

Everyone was enjoying the ice cream truck and some kids even started a basketball game.

Our event was also visited by the bands “Rule of Nines” and “The Royal Foundry” who played some excellent live music for everyone.

The firetrucks even paid a visit to show everyone how their trucks works and to also give out colouring books and hats to the kids.

This celebration really brought the community together, it didn’t matter where you came from, what language you spoke or your status. This event was for everyone to enjoy, young and old. I am so proud, individually and as part of UCC, to have been part of this very special Canada Day. Hope to see everyone again next year for the 151st birthday!

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a beautiful reminder for everyone in Edmonton about our #canada150 summer celebration #YEY150

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trudeau's home without trudeau

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Ottawa is beautiful look out for #YEY150 events happening for the #Canada150 celebration, put on by yours truly and the other lovely community animators

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