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Toronto Pride Parade

Date posted: June 26, 2017
Toronto Pride Parade

Toronto Pride Parade

There’s something about crowds cheering “oh my gosh! Ukrainians!” as you pass by them that suddenly boosts your confidence and happiness levels. This year, Youth Engaging Youth Ontario gathered some friends from Ukraine, Poland, and Canada to march down Yonge Street.

Toronto Pride Month narrows down to Pride Week which then narrows down to Pride weekend and that’s when it gets loud. The Village turns into one massive festival with an indescribable atmosphere. Everyone and anyone are welcome and truly feels so. Block parties, food, drinks, so many colours, and so many new friends – it’s all there and it’s all celebrating inclusivity. It was great to see and hear spectators cheer us on and it was even more amazing to have people tell us that what we’re doing is important. LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. Love is love.

A weekend to remember.




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