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It’s #YEY150, not #YAY150

Date posted: May 7, 2017
It’s #YEY150, not #YAY150

​We’ve all had those moments where you’re REALLY hungry so you order 3 different things from the menu. Convinced you’ll eat them all, you gorge the first item in seconds and suddenly you realize…. Nope; help – I need help.

Well, that’s me right now, but in a slightly less food-related sense.

Some may relate when I say that all I want to do is learn (Maybe write less exams…I just don’t test well. At all). Those who know me know that I love staying busy – I love being involved, helping people, and creating constantly. It’s all fun and fulfilling until a moment like right now comes around, where I’m faced with the reality of how much “food” I ordered and how much I can actually consume. Because I have event planning experience, and know how much time, energy, commitment, and everything else it all takes… I’m reaching out (slash calling out for help) because this is a very heavy project. This is a project with a specific focus and objectives, broad scope, a budget and a very-very short timeline. We are wrapping up our week-long training courses in Ottawa and my exhausted self will now share what it is that I’ll be doing over the summer.

This year, I applied to be a Community Animator for the Youth Engaging Youth project started by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC).  The project was launched after the UCC received approval for financial support from the Canadian Government’s Department of Heritage Canada 150 Fund. I won’t get into the details of how they did it, but I will say that it was a long process. As a member of the Ukrainian community, I am VERY proud and VERY grateful for this opportunity. Not many were able to receive support like this, so now it is up to us, the Community Animators, to engage and help other communities of Canada celebrate the past 150 years of Canadian Confederation. Youth Engaging Youth’s focus aligns with the Canadian Government’s (or at least the one they said to be their priority for the big 150):

  • Celebrating youth diversity, inclusion, and the building of common interests and relationships;
  • Supporting youth efforts towards reconciliation of Indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians;
  • Engaging and inspiring youth to carry forward the legacy of Canada 150;
  • Connecting young Canadians with nature and raising environmental stewardship to local and regional consciousness.

Of course, the “official” scope is much broader but comes down to Canada’s stories, shaped by our immerse diversity, and the fact that they deserve to be celebrated and shared with the world. Our goal is to engage the broader community of Canadian Youth.

That said, the objectives and detailed responsibilities are open to be influenced by our creativity and enthusiasm:

  • Stimulate the organization of community youth events within our provinces (this includes assistance to other community groups, collaboration, planning, and the execution of 10 events over the course of 4 months in our designated regions);
  • Manage support (including funds) to the various community groups and events from the UCC Canada 150 Project;
  • Maintain an active social media presence;
  • Reports, reports, reports (oral or written as directed)
  • More reports.

Yes, I can write you a reference letter for a job. Yes, I can sign off on your high school volunteer hours. No, I will not be working in Toronto only. We’re all around Canada, which means we’re all connected no matter the province we’re in!

So, I’ve signed myself up for a busy summer! PLEASE don’t think that because you may not be of Ukrainian descent you can’t take part. In fact, I ENCOURAGE you to reach out and have us plan something together. If you ever had an idea for an event, but never knew how to execute it and think it would be applicable to Canada’s 150th celebrations – let me know! If you work for a brand that is interested in providing giveaways or service support for marketing – let me know! Teach me! Wow me! See how you can use the resources I am able to share with you! In addition to financial support,  we can provide the following:

  • Marketing & Promotion;
  • Travel;
  • Materials (tape, hammers…whatever you need);
  • Advertising;
  • Equipment rental;
  • Venue Rental;
  • Hospitality.

(Keep in mind, how much we provide will depend on the scale – number of participants, volunteers, potential number of viewers/attendees)

How to contact me:

We can bring opportunities to students from all around Ontario and connect us all in various ways. UCC gave me a budget…let’s use it.

P.S. A simple “thank you” and a simple “I got your back” goes a long way.
Sofiya Yusypovych
Community Animator
Youth Engaging Youth
Ontario, Canada

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